Prof. Dr. Mohamed Dabbagh - Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies



Dr. Ogareet Khoury - Vice Dean for Faculty of Graduate Studies

Prof. Dr. Hanan Ibrahim - Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Yousef Eljaafreh - Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Saba Alnusairat - Faculty of Architecture and Design

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Mbaydeen - Faculty of Educational Sciences

Prof. Dr. Ali Qutishat - Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Nidal Turab - Faculty of Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-dahiyat - Business School

Prof. Dr. Khaldoun Hamdan - Faculty of Nursing

Dr. Hamdi Nsairat - Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof.Dr. Mahmud abu Samak - Applied Science University EXternal member

Diaa Elateesh - Council Secretary

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