Faculty of Graduate Studies


To upgrade the scientific research and Graduate Studies and link them to issues and problems of the community.


Adopting suitable environment for promoting the scientific research and developing of Graduate Studies’ programs as well as upgrading it.



Core Values

  • Promoting the culture of scientific research for academic staff and students.
  • Supporting and stimulating the scientific research activities as well as offering an appropriate environment.
  • Developing of research skills among academic staff and students.
  • Encouraging for publishing in the international journals indexed and applicable as well as participating in the specialized scientific conferences.
  • Supporting of hold conferences and workshops concerned of issues and needs of the community.
  • Leading the scientific research and Graduate Studies’ programs to serve issues and needs of the community.
  • Keeping pace with the contemporary scientific updates and continuous developing for Graduate Studies’ plans.
  • Ensuring the quality of Graduate Studies in collaboration with academic departments.
  • Upgrading the level of Balqa’ magazine and the quality of its content.