Faculty of Graduate Studies

Faculty: Nursing

Award: Master's Degree

Number of Credit Hours: 34

The Master of Science in Nursing / Critical Care Nursing (Cardiorespiratory) program comes in response to the national and regional needs of Critical health care, the importance of supporting specialized health systems in the field of critical care. It aims at graduating specialized nurses who are able to possess the nursing competencies necessary to provide critical care to people suffering from heart and respiratory diseases at various levels of health care. Especially in intensive care units, by providing high quality care, adhering to evidence-based practices, and developing and integrating theoretical knowledge, experience and clinical trials to improve health care outcomes. The plan is in line with the standards for accrediting graduate studies programs and the Jordanian Accreditation and Quality Commission. The program consists of (34) credit hours in two tracks, comprehensive and thesis. It contains theoretical and practical subjects that qualify graduates to obtain a specialist license from the Jordanian Nursing Council and give graduates the opportunity to work in the cardiac and respiratory intensive care units in the governmental and private hospitals, acute care, emergency, and specialized units that are created as a result of emergencies and pandemics.

Study Plans & Program Files

Study Plan 2021- 2022 Thesis

Study Plan 2021- 2022 Comprehensive