Faculty of Graduate Studies

Declaration of compliance with thesis preparation instructions form

Supervisor declaration of thesis readiness form

Final withdrawal from the Master's program form

Withdrawal from one or more Master’s courses form

Recommendation to grant Master's degree form

Postponing Master’s program study form

Registering thesis for the first time form

Submitting thesis to the library form

Supervisor appointment and plan approval form

Initial report of external Master's thesis arbiter form

English Master’s thesis plan form

Arabic Master’s thesis plan form

Application for Graduate Studies admission form

Application for amending thesis title form

Discussion committee decision after thesis amendment form

Decision of the committee discussing Master’s thesis form

Master’s Courses Credit Transfer form

Indicative Student-Guide Form/ for Master Study

Form of Applying for the Comprehensive Exam

Formation of the Comprehensive Exam Committee for MA students

Accreditation the Results of Comprehensive Exam for MA Students

Conditional Acceptance for a Master Degree

Form of Changing the Mode of Study

Form of Transferring a Master Program

Request of Changing a Supervisor for Master Thesis

Recommendation Form of Awarding a Master's Degree by Research