Faculty of Graduate Studies


Prof. Dr. Alaa M. AlHorani

Dean of Graduate Studies


Prof. Dr. Mohamed Dabbagh

Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Yousef Al Jaafreh

Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Youssef Al-Mufleh

Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Ismail al-Tikriti

Business School

Prof. Dr. Wissam Brik

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Hosni Farah

Faculty of Alied Medical Sciences

Dr. Ahmed Al-Bashaira

Faculty of Nursing

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalayleh

University of Jordan (external member)

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Al-Mbaydeen

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Prof. Dr. Abdulsalam AlShboul

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Prof. Dr. Ashok Kumar Shakya

Faculty of Pharmacy

Prof. Dr. Omar Yousef Adwan

Faculty of Information Technology